We proudly present the Mountain Rescue Team for winter 2017/18, made up from a diverse and interesting group of snow loving characters that are sure to make your journey to the good stuff an enjoyable and comfortable ride. Over the years we have attracted  drivers from all walks of life but what they all have in common is a love for the mountain lifestyle and everything that comes with it.

Simon Wilkinson

Owner of Rescue Transfers

Proud owner of the Mountain Rescue, Simon came to the Alps for his first ski season in 2000 and has spent every winter here since. Nowadays he is pretty busy during the winter months but still enjoys some days on the hill when he can. Simon's hobbies include, not watching the news, downhill mountain biking and medium wave surfing.


Simone van Diemen Wilkinson

For everything  behind the scenes

With a love for everything organised, Simone is the perfect person to manage our back office and accounts. When she is not tapping on a calculator or looking after her boys Simone loves to get outside and enjoy the reason for living in the Alps. Snowboarding is her first passion and during the summer Simone helps to run a kids surf school on the west coast.

Roz Scott-Lowe

Team Driver /  Bookings & Scheduling

Transport manager, team driver, bookings and scheduling!  Is there anything Roz can't do!? Based out of Ste Foy Roz has been working with the Mountain Rescue for 3 years and loves the challenge the snow brings. When she isn't working Roz enjoys cooking, fine wines and skiing at her beloved Ste Foy ski station.


Stephen Lowe

Team Driver

Steve is our only "French" Aussie and is one of the hardcore Ste Foy crew. He loves the mountain lifestyle and enjoys visiting hidden resorts and cities when he can. Steve is a big sports fan and particularly loves rugby. During the summer months Steve spends days at a time on his road bike.

Lewis Williams

Team Driver / Rescue Photography 

Lewis loves to photograph and film and has become our main source of winter and summer photos. Lewis is on his 5th season in the Alps and he keeps coming back because of the people he meets and the lifestyle it brings. Thanks for all the photos Lewis!

Robert Virza

Team Driver / Rescue Social Media

Rob has been working for Mountain Rescue for several years now and has a keen interest in action photography. Rob is one of the key suppliers of our day to day action photos and also has a interesting background in Latvian folk dancing. He has even been known to show off his skills whilst meeting customers.

Charles Ward

Team Driver

Charlie is a seasoned seasonaire on his 9th winter in the mountains. Charlie amongst other things is a  super keen snowboarder and a renowned pony trainer. When Charlie isn't enjoying the rumble of his VW Caravelle you will most likely find him sliding around his kitchen munching cheddar cheese on toast.

Ben Hugill

Team Driver

Ben is one of the team with seriously advanced driving qualifications under his belt. Ben has several seasons experience driving in the snow and in the summer he can be found surfing the world class waves of Hossegor on the west coast. 


Atis Ansbergs

Team Driver

Atis comes from a very professional driving background and worked for several big limo companies in Latvia. Atis loves driving in the mountains and prides himself on getting the biggest tips in the crew. He is definitely at a slight advantage on some transfers as he is also fluent in Russian.

Emily  Ford

Team Driver

Emily’s motto is “Keep on trucking” she has spent the last 6 winters in Bourg St Maurice and has tons of alpine driving experience. Emily enjoys growing her own vegetables and driving her boyfriend Charlie round the bend. Emily’s favorite form of transport is piggy back, don’t worry if you have paid then she understands you would prefer the Caravelle.

Douglas Everett

Team Driver

Doug has been living in the Alps for over 2 years now and considers Ste Foy the best place to live in the Tarentaise. He enjoys both skiing and boarding and is particularly fond of searching out steep lines and deep powder. During the summer months Doug loves spending time tinkering and piloting his very own hover craft. 

Graham Gilligan

Team Driver

Scottish Graham is no newcomer to cold and snowy weather. Born and raised in the Scottish highlands Graham gets as much snowboarding in as he can during the winter months. This will be his 3rd season based in Bourg St Maurice and is definitely not his last. Graham is a wizard when it come to fixing I phones and anything technical but admits he is not a fan of plane travel or vegetables.

Bob Setterfield

Team Driver

Bob is based in Tignes Val Claret and has years of winter driving experience under his belt. Bob is a keen skier during the winter and loves long walks and tennis during the summer. One of of Bob's favourite things is to get up very early (handy for this job) and listen to the sound of the morning songbirds.

David Thundercliffe

Team Driver

David is one of our new drivers this year and comes from a strict army background. Known as Thundercat, David is a Snowboarding and Kayaking enthusiast. This is not his first winter in the Alps previously working in St Foy. He spends his summers relaxing in Norway with his small German family.

Yasen Churukov

Team Driver

Yasen just loves the mountains, all of his passions are mountain based. He loves mountain biking and skiing of course. Yasen enjoys discovering new places during his time off as well as relaxing in his luxurious mountain home.

Sophie Shepherd

Team Driver

Sophie wants to be an Ice Road Trucker after her time with Mountain Rescue and she certainly has the background for it.  Sophie has spent time in Iraq with the British army and  worked as a long haul lorry driver for several years. Sophie loves skiing and boarding and starts every day with a massive plate of scrambled eggs on toast.

Ervins Poika

Team Driver

Ervins is a professional at pretty much everything, with several years of taxi driving experience and fully trained in restraint when he was part of the Riga police Ervins is Mountain Rescue's head of security. Nothing is too much trouble for our Ryan Gosling look alike and if you want our full body guard package Ervins is your man.

Andy Sissons

Team Driver

Andy lives in Ste Foy and is a fine musician amongst many other things. When Andy isn't driving for us you can often find him doing gigs at many of the local ski resort bars. Andy is another keen biker on the team and  during the summer months Andy can be found trotting the globe completing some pretty serious routes.