We proudly present the hardcore of the Mountain Rescue winter team, made up from a diverse and interesting group of snow loving characters that are sure to make your journey to the good stuff an enjoyable and comfortable ride. Over the years we have attracted  drivers from all walks of life but what they all have in common is a love for the mountain lifestyle and everything that comes with it.

Simon Wilkinson

Resort: Peisey Vallandry
Likes to be called: Boss
Dislikes: Brexit
Loves: Snowboarding on my kids
Film: Anchorman
Alpine sport: Skording


Simone van Diemen Wilkinson

Resort: Peisey Vallandry
Likes: The beach
Dislikes: Grumpy people
Alpine sport: Snowboarding
Loves: My family
Favourite food: Cheese

Roz Scott-Lowe

Resort: Sainte Foy
Likes: Food and wine
Dislikes: Having nothing to do
Hobbies: Road biking
Best place: Mongolia
Alpine sport: Paragliding

Stephen Lowe

Resort: Sainte Foy
Likes: Rugby
Dislikes: Netball
Recently: Waxed my dolphin
Alpine sport: Road biking
Likely to say: G'day


Andy Sissons

Resort: Sainte Foy
Likes: Playing the guitar
Dislikes: Rusty tail pipes
Place to go: The hills
Likely to say: No sweat
Alpine sport: Anything on a bike

Robert Virza

Resort: Peisey Vallandry
Likes: Action photography
Dislikes: Large accommodation
When off work: Latvian folk dancing
Sport: Rally and Motorcross
Film: The wizard of Oz

Bob Setterfield

Resort: Tignes
Nickname: Back road Bob
Likes: Organised mountain life
Dislikes: Weak coffee
Hobbies: Bird watching
Favourite food: Cote de boeuf

Yasen Churukov

Resort: Peisey Vallandry
Likes: Fishing and Skiing
Dislikes: Small animals
Favourite food: Baby cheese
Love to be: In my large alpine retreat
Best thing: Driving my monster truck

Jill Golding

Resort: Les Menuires
Likes: Canoeing and Mountain biking
Dislikes: Rudeness
Not again: Ski off a cliff
Accomplishment:  My children
This year: Learn French

Rupert "Bear" Osbourne

Resort: Les Arcs
Likes: Skiing dogs and making films
Dislikes: Politics
Best place: Top of a mountain
Alpine sport: Freestyle skiing
One word: Imaginable

Lewis Williams

Resort: La Plagne
Likes: Strange books and moguls
Dislikes: Grapefruit and marzipan
Passion: Photography and fine art
Favourite desert: Sahara
Trying to finish: My Book

Charles Ward

Resort: Les Arcs
Likes: Snowboarding tricks
Dislikes: Dirty potatoes
Hobbies: Pony training
Favourite food: Cheese on toast
Driving: Off road

Mark Breed

Resort: Courchevel
Nickname: Silver Fox
Likes: Showjumping with a good red
Dislikes: Rudeness
Recent thing: 400 metre zip wire
Hobbies: Watching sport

Sue with van
Sue Parker

Resort: Les Arcs
Likes: Cycling, running, being outside
Dislikes: Jellyfish
Favourite food: CAKE!
Recently: Got an Irish passport
Alpine sport: Nordic skiing

Andris Epners

Resort: Les Arcs
Likes: Basketball
Favourite food: Grannies meatballs
Best place: Tanzania
Dislikes: Sugar and rain
Alpine sport: Ice swiming