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By Emma Orton on behalf of Yakima

The idea of taking a ski trip and escaping from the daily grind can be quite appealing to those who love to ski. However, when the reality of hauling skis, boots, a snowboard, coats, gloves and other ski gear hits, people often cringe and talk themselves out of taking such a potentially relaxing trip. You need to stop and think about how much easier it can be with some better planning.

Leave It At Home

 If you aren’t taking a long trip, you should consider the option of renting skis and other skiing gear. It can be much less of a hassle and can be well worth the expense of rentals.  In fact, renting may even be less than checking baggage.

Check It or Not

Obviously, there are some items, such as skis, poles and snowboards, that can’t be carried onto the plane. Travellers will have to check those items, which is expected. The issue arises when a traveller hasn’t paid much attention to the rules and regulationsin regards to checked baggage for the airline they are flying with. This is a must do.

Wear It

Wearing your snow boots may be uncomfortable on the plane, but it is an option.  Beyond that, experienced skiers will likely agree that taking their on the plane with them is a priority.

You’ve broken them in and made them comfortable; you don’t want to lose them in transit.

Travellers can also dress in layers to preserve space in their checked baggage and carry-on baggage. Even if the items become too much to wear once on the plane, it is helpful to wear them in some way up until you get too hot. Coats can be tucked into the overhead luggage compartments on the plane while scarves and gloves can be tucked into seat pockets or under the seat in front of the traveller.

Of course, placing things in numerous locations means you will need to be extra vigilant about making sure all of your items are gathered up before deplaning.

Use the Space

Smart travellers use the space they have to their advantage. Ski bags get packed with skier’s clothes and not just their skis. Winter coats that are carried onto the plane are a great place to pack scarves, gloves, and hats tucked into the sleeves and pockets. If you are planning to travel via car then there are some great options from Yakima. If boots are packed, they too are another great place to pack items such as, wool socks, underwear or possibly even thin shirts. Travellers who use every extra available space are wise and make their travel experience a lot more enjoyable.

Extra Time

Allowing yourself plenty of time to load larger ski gear baggage, transport it through the airport and then check it helps decrease stress. With no rush being created, hauling the extra large luggage around becomes more manageable because the traveller is in a more relaxed state of mind and has more energy to lug it along. Furthermore, choosing a bag that has wheels will make it easier to transport.

Protect Your Gear

When travellers opt to pack clothing in their ski bags, they add a layer of padding to their gear. This can certainly help offer some protection. Yet, it is highly recommendedthat skiers also rubber band their ski poles together and choose some sort of foam insulation or tip covers to make sure the poles do not destroy the ski bag. Skiers should also opt to use ski straps when travelling to prevent damage to their skis.

Respect Others

Carrying oversized baggage can be cumbersome and stressful for travellers, but if you are not respectful of others - other travellers, security personnel, and airline staff - the adventure is likely to become far more challenging.


There are numerous things to think about for travellers adventuring out on a ski trip. When they take these various things into consideration, it makes the trip more pleasant for them as well as those around them.

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