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The Vanoise Express is the daddy of all cablecars. First off, it’s a double-decker lift, so it can transport more than up to 180 people at a time. This is really helpful as it means queues are minimal even in peak season.

Secondly, it covers a distance of 1,800 metres, which is no mean feat. That’s 1,800 metres of stunning scenery, carrying you over the valley at a height of 380 metres. Just imagine the photos you could take as you travel!

Thirdly, it connects two key skiing resorts: La Plagne and Les Arcs, providing a vital link in the famous Paradiski ski area. That means you can enjoy twice as many fantastic slopes during your skiing holiday. And these ski areas are pretty amazing…

La Plagne has 225 kilometres of slopes and a large off-piste area. Its 134 slopes offer 15 black runs, 30 red runs, 72 blue runs and 10 green runs. Les Arcs has 106 runs and 200 kilometres of descent, with an exhilarating mixture of open and wooded runs.

Fourthly, it’s super speedy. The trip takes less than ten minutes, so you can get where you’re going in no time at all! Not that you’ll want the journey to end, as it really is spectacular. The good news is you’ll get to make the return trip when you’re done skiing!

Fifth, it feels really safe even for those who are scared of heights. Completely closed in, it is sturdy and durable, and the pace is steady. If you’ve ever felt afraid standing at the top of a mountain or travelling in a wobbly cable car you can rest assured that you’ll perfectly safe in the Vanoise Express.

Five facts about the Vanoise Express to wow your friends with:

  1. It cost more than €15 million (£13 million) to build
  2. It officially opened in 2003
  3. It operates without any supporting pylons
  4. The two units can operate separately and have spare engines, just in case!
  5. In December 2013, two slack-wire walkers cavorted between the two cars (we don’t recommend you giving this a go!)

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