Ski Equipment Transportation

By Emma Orton on behalf of Yakima The idea of taking a ski trip and escaping from the daily grind can be quite appealing to those who love to ski. However, when the reality of hauling skis, boots, a snowboard, coats, gloves and other ski gear hits, people often cringe and talk themselves out of …

Skier taking a photo of himself in friends goggles

The best tough cameras for skiing

The choice of cameras for skiing can seem overwhelming. Helmet mounted sports action cams to capture your epic descents to large DSLRs to create stunning high quality landscapes. But what if you wish to capture beautiful photographs of friends and family, simply, quickly and without the need to rummage in your bag, or adjust numerous settings? 

I have been a photographer for over ten years and in my experience a small, easy to use camera is a big advantage in getting those memorable images on the slopes. It is accessible when I need it and when I want to concentrate on skiing I can do so without worrying about camera damage.