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Exciting innovations

Owning a transport business its normal practice to keep an eye on the latest technologies as it arrives and there has been a lot of exciting innovations over the last few years and plenty to come in the not so distant future. Back the the present and this winter we have updated all our vehicles to Volkswagens latest Caravelle T6 models and very nice they are to. The new 20.0 TDI Euro 6 engine with blue motion technology is more fuel efficient and even more powerful with 150 PS (147.90 BHP) than its predecessor.

For the latest generation of vehicles Volkswagen have come up with a few innovations to improve and make these vehicles more efficient than the previous models. This technology they have called Blue Motion.

The first improvement in the Blue Motion range is the stop start feature, it detects when the vehicle has come to a halt and automatically stops the engine, at this point another starter motor restarts the engine when the clutch it pressed. The idea of this is to reduce the costs of fuel when the vehicle is idling as well as making it quieter if you are sitting in a traffic jam or at the lights.

Another feature is the energy recuperation system. The alternator increases its output during braking and reduces it when the vehicle is accelerating to recover lost energy and reduce the strain put on the engine. This is a simpler version of the system used in a lot of today’s hybrids.

The vehicles included in the Blue motion range also enjoy tweaks to their aerodynamicness (think that’s a word) tweaks to the panels and more importantly the gaps between them to maximise arodynamicness even further. Lower ride heights where possible and finally reprofiled bodystyles to ensure smoother airflow around the vehicle which in turn also improves handeling and lowers CO2 emissions. Nice.

All in all, it’s a great idea, we all want to do our bit for the environment and every little thing we can do is defiantly worth while.

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