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Skiing is very physical and can be tough on the body if you’re not in good shape, making you more prone to injury. It’s worth working on your fitness before you head to the slopes, ideally at least six weeks ahead of your trip.

1. Cardiovascular fitness

Try to build in three aerobic exercise sessions of between 20 minutes and an hour each week, for example running, cycling, cross-training, ice skating or rollerblading. These exercises can help with weight loss, balance and coordination as well as strength and endurance.

2. Muscle building

While cardiovascular exercise is the most important preparation area, it will also help if you can improve your muscle tone. Circuit training is a great way to build muscle, but you can also use weights at home or at the gym.

3. Warm up

Most importantly, you should warm up before you hit the slopes each day. This will help with flexibility and will reduce muscle and joint aches. Focus on your knees, pelvis, quads and glutes. Exercises such as lunges, step-ups and squats can work well.

How to reach your ski destination

Geneva, Grenoble, Chambéry and Lyon airports will all give you easy access to some of France’s greatest ski slopes. Best of all, the Mountain Rescue offers reliable and affordable transfers between these airports and many of the country’s top ski resorts.

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