Doing our bit for the environment

Keeping an eye on the effect we have on our environment can be beneficial to not only the environment but to the way we run our business.

At the Mountain Rescue we have used the structure for good environmental practices and implemented them in our day to day operations and staff training.

At the beginning of every season our staff undergo a week of intensive and rewarding training.  We don’t claim to be saving the planet but we certainly try to do our bit and it has a positive effect on the way we operate our daily business.

Things we do!

Regular maintenance and servicing of vehicles

Liaising with partner companies to minimalise the empty travel time of vehicles.

Correct inflation of tyres, under inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by 3%

Removal of roof bars when not in use

Regular monitoring of fuel consumption

Using linear routes where possible

Removing unnecessary clutter from the vehicles

Keeping vehicle speed at safe and low emission producing speeds

Switching off engines when at a standstill.

Driving in the Alps

As we all know very cold conditions can have serious effects on vehicles, roads and of course people. Running a transport business based at 1300 meters in the French Alps means you have to be ready and very prepared.

Every year we go over all the start and end of day vehicles checks, so we don’t forget.  Even the little things like leaving your windscreen wipers up so they don’t freeze to your windscreen can make your cold 05:00am start that little bit easier.

All of our vehicles are fitted with top of the range snow tyres and they really come into their own at temperatures under 7°C.

Snow tyres don’t just have an effect in snow but even in slush, frost and icy conditions. They will work better than summer tyres in the winter conditions because of the compound they are made from. The specially developed compound doesn’t go hard in the cold which means increased grip on the road and better safety.

Mountain Rescue vehicles also carry a pack of serious snow chains. We don’t mess about with these, basically quality pays off, you buy cheap and they don’t last especially with a minibus full of people and luggage. We buy top notch snow chains and we never have any trouble. All our drivers know how to get these things on and off with ease and they are super effective in heavy snow. The chains wrap around both driving wheels and act like added grips on the vehicles tyres digging into the snow and giving excellent traction.

Winter driving tips

Slow down, the slower you go the more you see and the shorter your stopping distance.

Don’t accelerate hard, If you accelerate too much too quickly you can wheel spin and slide.

Avoid late changes in direction as this can cause you to skid and slide.

Use the engine to brake and slow down

Keep moving, its better to keep moving than stop, in snowy conditions moving off from a complete stop can increase your chances for losing traction.

Keep your distance from cars in front and anticipate what they might do next.

Keep both hands on the steering wheel for better control and safety.